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Exotic Car Maintenance in Los Angeles

Keeping a luxury car in good condition requires trips to an auto repair and service center from time to time. Sometimes, it is just a scheduled maintenance calling; sometimes, the engine suddenly starts acting weird; and sometimes, you have an accident on the road which forces you to the repair center. No matter what the reason is, your car requires basic service, tune-ups, maintenance and repair from time to time.


MLuxRepair is a full service exotic and luxury car maintenance, service and repair center in Los Angeles. From routine auto service and maintenance to tune-ups, collision repair and auto body work, our team of certified technicians know exactly how to handle your luxury vehicle with care and respect.


Do not worry about the cost. We will negotiate on your behalf with your insurance carrier. We accept all insurance carriers.

Specialized in Luxury Car Service And Repair

We are specialized in luxury car service and repair. Our team of certified auto repair technicians can service and repair luxury cars of all luxury brands, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Porsche, Tesla, Lamborghini, and Ford.

Our Services

A/C Service

We offer complete A/C service, from cleaning the dust and debris from the condenser coil to checking refrigerant levels and replacing AC belts.

Brake Repair

We do brake pad replacement, brake shoe replacement, brake rotor service, brake drum service, brake fluid service and complete brake repair.

Oil Changes

We know you have a deep desire for your engine oil to last for 5,000 miles. We replace the oil and oil filter of your luxury car.


We offer a complete car tune-up service that ensures everything is fine with your car. From the replacement of spark plugs, fuel filters, wires and ignition parts to basic cleaning and checking, we perform a complete tune-up.

Auto Body Painting

We do auto body painting that ensures the lustre of your car remains intact, and protects your car body from external weather elements.

Body Dent Removal

We do not like dents. They are an eyesore. Our experts are passionate about removing any dent on the body of your luxury car. We also do paintless dent removal.

Car Detailing

We offer complete car detailing services. We guarantee that we will restore the original appearance of your luxury car, from the inside and outside.

Auto Body Work

Our technicians perform complete auto body work. The frame, windshield, windows, roof, glass, doors, hood, trunk, fenders and bumpers, everything is taken care of with the utmost professionalism.

Collision Repair

Our team are experts in collision repair. We fix every mechanical issue your car has faced after a collision and restore the body's appearance. Not many people perform collision repair in Los Angeles.

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