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7 Most Common Luxury Car Repairs

You may have heard that in this age, buying a luxury car is not a big deal but keeping it in good condition is. Almost everyone who owns a luxury car agrees to the fact that luxury car maintenance and repair is a costly affair. Even in smart discussions, people flaunt their knowledge of luxury car maintenance.

But do you know what the most common luxury car repairs are? In this post, we will look at the seven most common luxury car repairs.

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1. Engine oil

The first reason why most luxury car owners visit a car repair shop or dealership repair is an engine oil change. This is a routine maintenance task that is necessary for keeping major engine issues at bay. Luxury cars require more frequent engine oil changes than regular cars and they are more expensive than regular cars, too.

2. Engine and cabin air filter

When it comes to luxury car maintenance and repair, it is always suggested not to let minor issues go unresolved or they could become bigger problems. Replacing the engine and air cabin filters is the second most-common repair. Regularly changing engine and air cabin filters will keep your car engine in good condition.

3. Brakes

Brakes suffer regular wear and tear. Car brake pads, rotors, drums and shoes need to be in top condition to ensure your car’s braking mechanism delivers when it matters.

4. Windshield wipers

Windshield wipers are quite a common repair. Your auto repair technician checks the integrity of the windshield wipers every time you visit an auto repair shop in Los Angeles for a routine car check-up. It is really frustrating to see windshield wipers not working suddenly when you need them. Also, worn-out wipers may scratch your windshield.

5. Spark plugs

A spark plug is a small but very important component that always needs to be in top condition to work perfectly. Spark plug replacement is one of the most important car repairs.

6. Coolant

There is a range of fluids that are responsible for helping your car run smoothly. Coolant is one fluid that requires replacement from time to time to prevent your car from overheating. Similarly, refrigerant, transmission fluid and steering fluid require timely replacement.

7. Dent removal

It’s not just mechanical components; the car’s body also requires maintenance and repair from time to time. The removal of dents is another common task when luxury car owners visit an auto body shop in Los Angeles. Auto body painting is a frequently-performed maintenance and repair task.

These are our top seven most common luxury car repairs.

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