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How to Find a Good Exotic Auto Repair Shop in Los Angeles?

Updated: Mar 12

Many surveys have found that luxury car owners often report higher levels of satisfaction with independent car repair shops over dealerships. Various reasons contribute to this, such as quick repairs, affordable services, extended support and warranties. But the thing is, not all exotic auto repair shops in Los Angeles are equal. You need to do some hard yards to find a good full-service exotic auto repair shop in Los Angeles. This is what we are going to discuss in this post.

Five No-Nonsense Tips to Finding a Good Full-Service Exotic Auto Repair Shop

1. Start with recommendations from family and friends

Asking your friends and family who own luxury cars is the best way to find honest recommendations. There are probable chances you will find the names of good auto repair shops in your area. Not just that, you may also find the names of the repair shops that you should not visit if they have poor experiences.

2. Check certification

This might sound very basic but you must ensure that the exotic car repair shop you are choosing has a team of ASE-certified auto repair mechanics. A valid license and certification ensure that your auto repair shop is authorized to offer auto repair services, having a skilled and trained team that know how to service and repair luxury cars.

3. Read the reviews

Reviews play a big role in finding a good exotic car body shop in Los Angeles. Read online reviews, check the BBB’s rating of the shop and search for common complaints listed against the auto repair shops. This will help you figure out the shops you should choose, and avoid.

4. Ensure warranties

Once you have gone through the basic research, it comes to further narrowing down your options. Ask your repair shop about the warranties it offers for replaced parts, basic maintenance and repair. An independent auto repair shop that offers warranties might cost more than other shops but eventually pays with high quality repairs and extended support.

5. Visit the auto shop

Last but not least, it is always a good idea to visit an auto repair shop. This will give you a great idea about the professionalism, customer service, credibility, technology, tools and repair process of the shop.

If you are looking for a good full-service exotic auto repair shop in Los Angeles, we would recommend you to visit our MLux Repair Collision Center in Los Angeles, operated by a team of certified luxury car auto repair mechanics, then assess and decide.

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