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Independent Luxury Car Repair Shop vs Car Dealership: Which is Better?

If you want a quick answer to the query, our expert advice, after extensive research, is that an independent luxury car repair shop is better than a car dealership. It is not just us; hundreds of surveys suggest that most car owners think the same way.

There is a tough competition out there between nifty-looking car dealership repair centers and advanced tech-equipped independent luxury car repair shops in Los Angeles.

In this post, we look at the reasons behind why most people think independent luxury car repair shops are better than car dealerships.

1. Expertise

The first comparison is expertise. A recent survey by CheckBook suggested that 86% of customers rated the independent car repair shop as ‘Superior’ for ‘overall quality’, compared to 67% of customers who rated a car dealership repair shop as ‘Superior’ for ‘overall quality’.

This busts the popular myth that independent car auto repair technicians are not experts. It is actually the opposite.

Most reputable independent luxury car repair shops are operated by auto repair mechanics who once worked for dealerships.

Mechanics at independent repair shops deal with all luxury brands of car and are better equipped to deal with the sophisticated components of your car.

2. Complex Repairs

If you have been to the car dealership for complex repairs, you might be aware that it is not surprising for a car dealership to deny a complex repair. Car dealerships have limited staffs that are often consumed with the routine maintenance of new cars. Thus, they often recommend replacement over complex repair because it takes time and effort to repair. On the other hand, passionate independent luxury car repair shops never say no to complex repairs unless it is almost impossible to repair.

At MLux Life, we share similar beliefs. Our team of auto repair mechanics is passionate about the service and repairs any luxury car, regardless of year, make or model.

3. Time

Your brakes are not feeling the same and you visited the dealership. The dealership cannot directly work on the brakes. They need to follow the mandated guidelines and then look at the main problem. The whole process takes unnecessary time and you are not sure whether dealership mechanics are working on the main issue. An independent exotic car repair shop is not restricted in following the manufacturer’s guidelines. They offer fast, efficient and high quality luxury car repair services.

4. Cost

We keep the cost to a minimum because almost everyone knows that repairs at independent car repair shops are cheaper than car dealerships. The reason is simple: independent auto shops do not have unnecessary overhead costs, like dealerships. There are various factors that decide the repair costs at dealerships. On the other hand, independent car repair shops price repairs according to standard market prices. Therefore, you are in a better position to take advantage of market competition.

These are some of the key factors that give independent car repair shops an edge over car dealerships.

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