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Six Essential Luxury Car Maintenance Tips

Updated: Mar 12

There is no point denying the fact that luxury cars require a little extra care and maintenance. The usual engine oil change is required after every 5,000 miles for regular cars; with luxury cars, they require frequent oil changes. Not just that, the cost of an engine oil change is higher for luxury cars as they require special oils to lubricate sophisticated engine parts.

If you have invested your years of saving into buying a luxury car, we believe you won’t mind investing time and money in ensuring your car stays in good condition.

Here are Six Luxury Car Maintenance Tips to Follow

1. Follow The Maintenance Schedule

The very basic that you can do to take care of your luxury car is to follow the owner’s maintenance schedule. It will automatically take care of your luxury car. If you have purchased a used luxury car and run out of free maintenance, you can visit the local exotic car service and repair center in Los Angeles for routine car maintenance. Basic routine maintenance, such as an engine oil change, replacing filters, cleaning spark plugs, ensuring fluid levels and AC service will be taken care of if you follow the routine maintenance schedule.

2. Sensible Driving

When you drive a luxury car with a 650hp engine and advanced braking system, you will feel the adrenaline rush. Thus, rash driving becomes an obvious outcome. Try to drive sensibly if you want the mechanical parts of your car to work in top condition. Do not accelerate suddenly, drive over curbs and unnecessarily put your braking system under stress.

3. Weekend Inside-Out Cleaning

Luxury cars need special care as the car is made of delicate materials, especially interiors. Spend some time at the weekend car cleaning. Pay special attention to the interior of your car. Using specialized cleaning solutions to clean the interior of your car, vacuum-clean the seating and wash the car body appropriately.

4. Check Tire Health

It is a good habit to have a keen look at tires after a long drive or every few weeks. Make sure your tires are properly inflated, check the depth of treads and look out for any signs of wear. This will ensure your car’s tires stay in good condition.

5. Mind The Signs Your Car Is Showing

After a few long drives, you get used to the feel of your car. If the steering, acceleration or brakes are not feeling like usual, your car is making strange noises, you see the engine light blinking or you sense a strange smell from the engine, these are signs that your car needs immediate attention. Drive your car to an exotic car repair center in Los Angeles to get it diagnosed and fixed.

6. Pay Attention to Exteriors

Last but not least, pay attention to the exterior of your car. Visit trusted auto body shop like MLux Repair the moment you notice any issues with your car’s body no matter whether it is a small scratch, dent or loss of shine. Take care of your car exterior.

These are the six essential luxury car service and maintenance tips that you can follow.

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