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Tips to Make Your Car Ready for Summer

We do all sorts of things to beat the heat of summer. Our cars require attention, too. There is a lot that goes into luxury car maintenance to ensure your car works properly in harsh winters, but people often forget that the scorching heat of summer also affects your car, equally or worse. The sudden breakdown of your luxury car in the middle of nowhere, under a really hot sun, is not just frustrating but also financially shaking. Towing your car hundreds of miles is not a pleasurable scenario to face.

Here are our tips that will help you get your car ready for summer.

1. Consider an Engine Oil Change

Higher temperatures require higher viscosity engine oil that can protect the engine’s components from wear and tear. Consider replacing your old engine oil with upgraded high viscosity oil. However, it is very important you consider this move after having a discussion with your auto repair mechanic to find out whether or not your car will be able to work well with upgraded oils.

2. Check Refrigerant Levels

It is a good practice to check the coolant level before you drive in the summer. You can check the coolant level yourself and refill to maintain the optimum fluid level. Other fluids, such as steering fluid and AC refrigerant, should be inspected and replaced.

3. Battery Inspection

Not just the harsh winter but the heat of summer can also hit your car battery hard. Therefore, it is important to get your battery inspected. If you have an old car battery that’s three years old or more, get it checked by an expert at an auto body repair shop in Los Angeles. Sudden breakdowns are a great inconvenience.

4. Get Air Filters Replaced

Air filters are responsible for blocking dust, dirt and airborne particles to the car’s internal, sophisticated mechanical components and inside the car. Get air filters replaced so they can efficiently block airborne particles. This task is often performed during routine maintenance.

5. Dedicated Summer Tires

If you really want your car to stay the same over the years, go the extra mile. Consider using dedicated summer tires for your car. It will put less pressure on your engine, brakes, steering and the body of the car.

6. Get Your Car AC Examined

Your car’s AC is put under the most pressure in summer. Get your car AC checked at an exotic car repair shop in Los Angeles. Ensure each component of your car AC, from filters to refrigerant and electric circuits, are in good condition. AC that is not cooling the car’s interior properly is frustrating.

These six tips will make your car summer-ready.

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